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Liter of Light arrives in Miracatu

The city of Miracatu, in the countryside of São Paulo, received 30 solar energy street lights. The action was carried out in partnership with Votorantim Energia and was attended by employees of the company. With the active presence of the community were chosen places near two schools in the region, facilitating the way back home of the students.

Jardim Gramacho is illuminated once again

100 street lights in Jardim Gramacho. 60 installed only in this last action, in May 2019, made through the financing obtained in the edict of the Instituto Nissan. This will be the fourth time that the region has benefited from the ecologically sustainable solutions of the Liter of Light - the other three took place in June and December 2018, and in February 2019.

Until May, the team had already made more than 20 visits to Jardim Gramacho, in recognition of the region, meetings with residents and community leaders, mapping places of installation, and the actions themselves.

Morro do Piauí receive 30 street lights

The region of Morro do Piauí, in Fercal (Sobradinho), will receive sustainable solar energy street lights from Liter of Light Brazil. 300 local residents were impacted directly by the action financed by Bancorbrás and Votorantim Cimentos.

In addition to enabling community enlightenment, the organization includes, in the working method, interaction with the community; thus, residents learn all the steps, from the assembly to the maintenance of street lights and hand lamps. During the weekend of equipment’s installation, the team also had the help of Morro do Piauí’s residents to implement the 30 street lights. There were 30 volunteers, including members of the Fercal’s Community Council and employees of the Votorantim Cimentos from Sobradinho’s plant, who work in all phases of the project.

Alto Sertão da Bahia receive street lights and hand lamps

The Liter of Light organization, in partnership with AES Tietê, helped 250 residents of the Gurunga and Tabocas communities, in the region of Caetité and Igaporã, to have adequate access to energy. The action of installing sustainable street lights and hand lamps - 70 in total -, that run through solar energy, took place between the March 23rd and 24th.

For the community, the possibility of lighting brings several benefits: more safety for night walking, increased potential for agricultural production, book reading and other activities at night, economy in the light bill.

Five communities in Paraíba were illuminated

A partnership between Liter of Light and French employees of Salesforce, a company that creates online softwares on demand, brought lighting to five communities in the Conde region, in Paraíba, from February 3rd to 8th.

Overall, 211 families and about 1,000 people were impacted by sustainable solutions produced by the project in places that did not have adequate access to electricity. The beneficiaries were Vila do Amanhecer, Assentamento Tambaba, Aldeia Tabajaras, Ilha dos Pescadores and Quilombo Mituaçu, which received 213 solutions that work through solar energy: 109 street lights, 80 hand lamps and 24 internal lighting.

Jardim Gramacho receives street lights of Liter of Light

In partnership with Brookfield Energia Renovável, Liter of Light installed 20 solar powered street lights in Jardim Gramacho community, Duque de Caxias (RJ), on December 16th, 2018. The work was done by a team of 43 people: 21 volunteers from Liter of Light in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Santa Catarina, 7 invited volunteers and 15 residents from Jardim Gramacho, who participated in the process by learning how to assemble, install and maintain the street lights.

Back to Boulevard da Paz

Liter of Light Brazil, in partnership with CPFL Paratininga, distributor of CPFL Energia, which serves 1.7 million customers in 27 municipalities along the coast and countryside of São Paulo, illuminated the region for the first time. In November 2018, about 30 street lights were installed in the common areas of the Condomínio Residencial Parque dos Eucaliptos.

“This important project marks, in addition to our arrival in the countryside of São Paulo, a great step to collaborate with access to safer and more stable community lighting for all” explains Lais Higashi, president of Liter of Light Brazil. The partnership between the distributor and Liter of Light has integrated a series of actions promoted by CPFL focused on energy efficiency in the residential condominium Parque dos Eucaliptos.

Morro do Chapéu, Bahia

A partnership of Liter of Light and ENEL Green Power enlighted 3 communities around Morro do Chapéu


2018 already is a great year for some reasons in special: our first action in Bahia and it was the first time Liter of Light hired ambassadors for a continuous work, two months in a row. For this, we had ENEL, one of the biggest private enterprises of electricity in Brazil, worked together with us in this project that enlighted communities around Morro de Chapéu, localized in 400 km from Salvador.


Alecrim, Barracão and Dorme Sujo  received 90 solar lamps, our technology. 


We illuminated the largest quilombola community in Brazil!

January 01, 2020

More than 600 people of the Kalungas were impacted

Between September 3 and 10, thirty volunteers installed more than 145 solutions
and impacted 600 people of the Kalungas, located in the heart of Goiás.
The journey took months of preparation, including the adaptation of our manuals to
facilitate the residents learning and frequent visits to the community, made
by the Brasilia cell of Liter of Light.
Among the results, more than the enlightened community, we register the
empowerment of its population.

Cavalcante – Goiás

September 3 - September 10, 2017

More than 145 installed solutions.
600 people impacted.

It is a record!

May 26, 2017

30 lampposts installed in only two days!

May 2017 was a great mark for Liter of Light Brazil. For the first time, in our journey of enlightening Brazil, we had installed 30 lampposts in a weekend. More than 150 people from Vila Santa Margarida now have lights on their streets.


May 27, 28 of 2017


30 lampposts

Love at first sight!

Amazon was one of the most complex actions so far

Lamps and lampposts have enlightened seven communities in Caapiranga and have gathered people from all over the country to make it happen. This action was the first one to receive our new solution: the lamp. 

March 10th -18th/ 2017

100 lamps and 100 lampposts have been installed
More than 800 people will be impacted. 

Light in the Jungle

March 17, 2017

Liter of Light Brazil first contact with amazonian communities

Our first action in the North of Brazil aimed to empower more than 20 ambassadors in
Caapiranga region. We mobilized 60 volunteers from all of Brazil in order to achieve
more than 200 solutions. We have impacted more than 800 people from 7 different
communities (Bararuá, Cachoeira, Taboca, Dominguinhos, Jacarezinho, Joari, São
Sebastião). Also, it was the great debut of our brand new solution, the lamp - "lampião"  

September 3rd - 7th/2016

10 lamps and 20 lampposts installed

400 people were impacted

Enlightining Sol Nascente, the biggest flat favela in Brazil

Liter of Light impacts a community living completely in the dark


In 2016 we had our first action in the Federal District of Brazil.In Ceilandia, a city near the capital of Brazil,  Brasilia,  there is Sol Nascente, recognized as one of the biggest Favela in Brazil, with almost 80 thousand people living there. 

Our members from Brasilia leaded their first action there, they brought 30 lampposts!


August 5th and 6th/ 2016

30 lampposts installed.
200 people impacted.

Our first corporative action, with Airbnb

Liter of Light Brazil and Airbnb worked together to install lamppost in strategic areas in Vila Moraes community. 

We are not alone in this work of enlight Brazil, many companies are engaged in this work as well. 

We believe that together we can achieve great results. 


In order to this, Airbnb and Liter of Light formed a partnership to do this great action in Vila Moraes, São Bernardo do Campo (SP). It was our first corporative volunteering, we reached more than 2 thousand people. 


Community residents and Liter of Light volunteers took action on the action's first stage

For the first time, Liter of Light Brazil was involved in an corporate voluntary work program together with Airbnb to install more lampposts in the community. 



In the end of 2016 Liter of Light Brazil has ended up the year installing 10 more lampposts in the community, concluding 50 in total and deliverying even more lightning to the residents of Vila Moraes

50 lampposts installed

More than 2 million people impacted. 

More light to the South

More light to the South

200 people from an indigenous community in Santa Catarina were impacted
Who said there is no indians in the South of Brazil? They are not only present in the
region but also need more light in their lives. In 2017, Liter of Light
expanded its performance in Santa Catarina and illuminated the community of
Morro dos Cavalos, located in the district of Palhoças.
Residents of the commmunity along with our tireless volunteers installed 28 solar
poles, making about 200 people have their paths and houses more enlightened!


Morro dos Cavalos – Palhoças – Santa Catarina


28 installed solar poles
200 people impacted

Vila Beira Mar, Duque de Caxias - Rio de Janeiro

Comunidade Vila Beira Mar was Liter of Light Brazil's first action in the country.


28 lampposts installed
Choosing a street that connects the community to a great avenue was extremely important to impact as many people as possible.


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