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We enlightened the biggest
quilombola community in Brasil

Between the 3rd and the 10th of September, Liter of Light, along Agehab - Agência Goiana de Habilitação, and Na Praia event, concluded a great action in the largest quilombola community of Brazil, located at Chapada dos Veadeiros  - GO. There were more than 30 volunteers that came from all the places in Brazil to illuminate the Kalungas. More than 600 people impacted with 57 light post and more than 80 lamps. All this were possible because of our partners: Jipe Clube, Instituto Bancobrás, Goias Government, Azul airlines, Associação Quilombola Kalunga and Zago Consultoria Ambiental. 

Os Kalungas
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comunidade quilombola

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One of the most anticipated events of Centro-Oeste brings a super special theme for this year: “A New Conscience”. Na Praia of this year intends to make a more sustainable event, and, of course, sustainability and social development have everything to do with Liter of Light.

Between August and September, many activities will happen during all the week, featuring Na Praia Cultural, on Thursday, which will donate its funds to social causes.

Liter of Light and Na Praia,
A New Conscience

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