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Come light BRAZIL with us!

Around 800 million people worldwide currently do not have access to electricity. In Brazil this number is approximately 2 million people!*

Our solutions

The lack of lighting or poor lighting inside the houses (using, for example, a kerosene lamp or candle) makes it difficult for children to study, work (sew until later, make flour with better quality, etc.), carry out activities basics with more comfort and safety (such as dinner, finding medicine, breastfeeding, reading, walking), in addition to generating a risk of fire and, in the case of Candeeiro (kerosene lamp), harmful to health and being a pollutant.


The Liter of Light uses simple materials to make solar lighting accessible to the low-income population, bringing light to life for those who do not yet have adequate access to electricity. We train residents for the installation, replication and maintenance of technology. The technologies are made of simple materials like PVC pipe and PET bottle and are based on solar energy.

Social impacts

5 regions

from Brasil


impacted people


installed solutions

Vanderlea Rochumback | Embaixadora LDL

São Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brasil

“Ever since I met Litro I fell in love. The way you work, the way Litro presents itself, acts... the commitment to things. It's not saying it's going to happen and it won't happen. It's all very fast. You make everyone feel equal. And if you talk to anyone here on the street they will say: it's not just the enlightenment you bring, it's the unity between people. That's the difference. I'm very happy to see this happen. After I invite everyone to participate, they can see what really happens. Everything I said, today they can see that it is that and much more. It’s so rewarding!”

Donations, partnerships and volunteering

Make yours Donation

For every R$100 donated, we are able to bring lighting to a family registered in our community bank!

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Be our Partner

The Liter of Light connects innovative solutions to solve social problems related to energy (and technology) and to the needs of companies, adding value, thus benefiting all sides.

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Become a Volunteer

Come become a Liter! We have selection processes for permanent volunteer twice a year, to find out more and apply click here. Remembering that the Liter of Light encourages diversity and inclusion of all socially minor groups. Come light up Brazil with us!

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