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Filipino Illac Diaz, creator of the My Shelter Foundation - which promotes low-cost sustainable projects - saw in the solution created by Alfredo Moser (Brazilian mechanic who in 2002 installed his handmade lamp on his roof during a blackout), the opportunity to help needy families in their country, creating the project "Um Litro de Luz" in 2012.


Origin and presence in Brazil



In 2001, during the energy crisis that happened in the country, the Brazilian Alfredo Moser created a very simple lighting solution based on a pet bottle. This solution became known as Moser's lamp and ended up inspiring Filipino Illac Diaz to found the Liter of Light movement.


In 2014, Litro emerged in Brazil as an organization and since then it has directly impacted the lives of more than 17,000 Brazilians, through 3,000 solutions, reaching more than 120 communities throughout Brazil.


Today Litro is an organization present in more than 15 countries. We learned from the global movement and expanded our views and activities to the 5 regions of the country, with around 200 active volunteers, including in the organization's management, in addition to contracted employees.

Our Mission

Improve people's quality of life through sustainable lighting solutions and empower agents of change.

Our Vison

Having a country where access to lighting overcomes socioeconomic and geographic barriers.

Our Values

Commitment, Sustainability, Professionalism, Trust, Empathy.

Social Development Methodology


Community Engagement

We promote community engagement through our lighting solutions, engaging the community months before installation. During the action, it is the residents who assemble the solutions, interacting directly with the volunteers. The manuals are only with pictures, accessible even for people who are not literate.


Ambassador Network

It's the main community engagement tool, made up of residents with leadership potential, who are trained to represent the Liter of Light in the community and in Brazil. We encourage women to occupy these spaces, promoting empowerment that comes from the community itself.

Affordable and clean energy

We also believe that it is possible for these populations to receive both public lighting and access to the proper electricity grid, which is why we consider ourselves an intermediary organization and are working to help communities so that eventually the Liter of Light is no longer needed in the territory.



The organization's performance led to great recognition, being distinguished by the UN with a focus on solar lighting and carbon emission reduction.


Liter de Luz has also appeared in several media outlets, including programs such as Fantástico and Calderão do Huck. Today we have accumulated 205 million views through these media and also on our social networks.


We also received awards such as the Zayed Future Energy Prize, considered the Nobel Prize in energy; the St Andrews Prize, which made our first trip to the Amazon possible; and the Fundação Banco do Brasil social technology award for the solar pole and community development methodology.


Executive Board

Board of Directors 

Fiscal Council

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