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Litro de Luz Brasil is open to everyone who wants to make a difference: keep an eye on our social networks, where we announce the opening of the selection process.

Why join Litro de Luz Brasil?


have the opportunity to transform the world around you and improve the reality of thousands of people!


meet new people, see the world from different perspectives, learn from highly qualified people and enrich your networking.

New Horizons

get involved with new technologies, entrepreneurship and new challenges.


What we look for in volunteers

+ Proactivity

+ Empathy with our cause

+ Commitment


Discover the areas of Litro de Luz Brasil


responsible for establishing partnerships and ensuring the feasibility of actions.


organizes all the funds raised and ensures the best use of resources in actions.

People and Management

takes care of all teams, engaging volunteers and also selecting candidates.

Social Development

creates, updates and executes our world-recognized and award-winning social development methodology.


shows to the world the results of what we do, taking care of social media, event planning and the website.

Operations and Technology

creates, improves and maintains Litro de Luz solutions.


 responsible for the contracts signed with partners and for ensuring that all our operations comply with legal requirements.

Contact Form

Fill out the form and as soon as we open the registration for the selection process, we'll let you know!

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