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We know that we cannot reach all communities without access to electric lighting. Hoping to reach them in some way, we decided to publish the step-by-step process for manufacturing our solutions, starting with our lamp.

This E-book has as main objective to allow the manufacture of Lampião, defining all the details and the step-by-step, with the use of figures, drawings and procedures, thus guaranteeing the quality, performance and the good functioning of the final product. It is the result of months of work by our volunteers and represents a new stage in Litro de Luz Brasil.


We hope you enjoy the experience and have a lot of fun in the process!

During some stages, quality control tests must be carried out. At the end of this e-book there are more detailed explanations of how these tests are performed.


We've listed all the materials you'll need to build the lantern, along with suggestions on where to buy. Our goal was just to facilitate the search for items, feel free to buy wherever you prefer!


It is attached at the end of the E-book.

The origin of the components (manufacturers) is relevant, as the production instructions and measurements were defined in accordance with them.


This is the fourth version of our e-book, completed in September/2020. We know there is a lot to be improved and we would like suggestions for an even better version! You can contact us through: .

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