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Present in the 5 regions of the country, the Liter of Light  Brazil brings solar lighting to communities without access to energy or without street light through poles, lamps and solar solutions made up of simple materials such as PET bottles and PVC pipes, in addition to a solar panel, battery and LED.


The organization is one of more than 15 chapters in the global Liter of Light movement, born in the Philippines in 2011 inspired by the solution created in 2002 by Brazilian mechanic Alfredo Moser, the "Lamp de Moser": pet bottle on the roof filled with water and bleach, which, through refraction, provided an illumination equivalent to a 60-watt lamp.


Worldwide, more than 1 million people have been impacted by the Liter of Light, a work recognized by important awards such as the UN World Habitat Awards and the Zayed Energy Prize, considered the Nobel Prize for sustainable energy.



Improve people's quality of life through sustainable lighting solutions and empower agents of change.


Have a country where access
to lighting surpass the
socioeconomic barriers
and geographic.








Brazilian origin

Brazilian mechanic Alfredo Moser

installed  your handcrafted lamp on your roof in 2002  during a blackout and soon his neighbors adopted the idea. 

Liter of Light: beginning

Filipino Illac Diaz, creator of the My Shelter Foundation - which promotes low-cost sustainable projects - saw in the solution created by Moser, the opportunity to help needy families in his country, creating the project "Um Litro de Luz" in 2012.

liter of light around the world

Since then, the idea has been applied in several countries around the world, such as Kenya, Colombia, Honduras and, since 2014, Brazil.

The Liter of Light uses three  solutions
different in Brazil

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